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Top Five Viral Videos Of The Week - September 13, 2011

Top Five Viral Videos Of The Week - September 13, 2011

  • Here’s the top five viral videos that had you clicking share and replay all week.

    #5 Konan and Krept ‘s “Otis” parody made us wonder which version we liked better. (Warning: Language NSFW)

    #4 While Paisley’s outfit might be a great 90s throwback costume, when it’s worn by a toddler it becomes a controversial topic.

  • #3 What do dogs think of when they dream? We may never know, but we’re betting this pup is deep in a land beyond imagination.

  • #2 In tune with K-pops continuing domination of the charts, “Step” by Korean pop group Kara had us wanting us to rock the day glow and spandex.

  • #1 “Going To The Store” glued over 3.5 million of you to your computer screens this week. Warning: Don’t try this on your walk to the store. You could seriously injure yourself. We know from personal experience. (Just kidding)

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