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Missoni-Crazed Shoppers Crash

Missoni-Crazed Shoppers Crash

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  • Fashion week isn't just taking over New York City: It's taking down the Web. Yesterday, Missoni joined the ranks of designers who have created a budget brand for Target. Due to the excitement of shoppers, they managed to overwhelm and crash the servers.

    Rest assured, the website is back up and running today (after crashing at again at 6:30 a.m. EST today), so if you want to take a peak at the 400 different items you can. Items are retailing beteen $2.99 and $599.99, which is a bargain considering the Italian designers duds can cost you $599 to $1500 easily.

    You might have to wait before you wear that Missoni sweater. Most of the best items are predictably out of stock

    Then again, was all this mayhem worth it for $20 baby leggings?

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