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Dubstep, Flashmob Proposal and SNL - The Viral Top 5

Dubstep, Flashmob Proposal and SNL - The Viral Top 5

  • A hilarious sketch, a flashmob proposal, a wicked dubstep dance, a catchy YouTuber collaboration and an amazing life event caught on film; this must be the top five viral videos that had you clicking share and replay all week.

  • #5 After five and a half years, this guy decided it was time to pop the question to his soon-be-bride flashmob style.

  • #4 "SNL" pokes fun at Internet culture and social etiquette, or lack there of, in this new sketch.

    #3 This Dubstep enhanced rendition of the Foster The People's hit "Pumped Up Kicks" accompanied with killer choreography made viewers give a double take.

  • #2 My Drunk Kitchen collaborated with Songs to Wear Pants To to ask the ever-pressing question, "where ya noms at?"

  • #1 After receiving a special ear implant, this 29-year-old deaf woman hears herself for the first time.

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