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Apple Introduces Siri - Revolutionary Voice Control Assistant

Apple Introduces Siri - Revolutionary Voice Control Assistant

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  • Among news of a new carrier option, Sprint, and a multitude of new iOS 5 features, one really stood out as being exceptional. Apple acquired mobile assistant app Siri some time ago and it appears they've taken the already ground breaking app and took it to the next level.

    It came to some people's surprise however that now that the feature is official and a built in part of the system, Apple is keeping the name Siri. By holding down the home button, similar to how you activated voice control in the past, a purple mic will pop up, listening in to whatever you ask. Using contextual language processing and adaptive intelligence, Siri will find the requested information, including data about the weather, perform lookups for store and business information as well as stock and financial data.

  • From making appointments, to getting directions, the application will be a true time saver and with Bluetooth, a much safer way for people on the go to communicate and manage their device information.

    Watching the demo was incredibly impressive, there are some really amazing capabilities and intelligence built into the feature. Apple has confirmed that the feature will only be available on the newer, faster, iPhone 4S.

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