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SNL takes on Facebook, HuffPo and Netflix

SNL takes on Facebook, HuffPo and Netflix

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  • While there have been many touching tributes to the former Apple CEO, this sketch did an impressive job of pointing out just how special and rare Jobs was even among his most high-level peers. The laughs were delivered using a parody of Charlie Rose (Bill Hader) and some of the more quotable lines included:

    Zuckerberg/Samberg spoke to Steve Jobs innovation by saying, "(Facebook is) like the bulletin board at an annoying coffee shop."

    When talking about how hands-on Jobs was, Huffington/Pedrad said, "I've been to the Huffington Post office maybe 10 or 5 times."

    And as for Jobs as a leader, Hastings/Sudeikis said, "It's a lot easier NOT to be like Steve Jobs."

    You can check out the whole video right here.

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