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Rocco Dispirito's Food Truck for Healthy Kids (And Adults!)

Rocco Dispirito's Food Truck for Healthy Kids (And Adults!)

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  • Following the success of the book where Rocco shows how to make your favorite dishes healthier (hello diet-approved fried chicken and guilt-freebrownies!), Rocco can be seen parking his Now Eat This! Food truck around various locations in NYC – and he gives all the proceeds to charity!

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  • The truck currently only travels through NYC but Rocco says, “The hope is to grow this into a national program,” adding, “I believe social enterprise is the way to solve a lot of problems.”

    If you’re in NYC, you can find out where the truck will pop up next by following it on Twitter at @noweatthistruck.

    In the meantime, everyone else can recreate the delectable, diet-friendly fare by getting their own copy of the book here.

    Jennifer Birn is from Tonic, a platform for people to find, share and do good.

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