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Cimorelli, and A Whole Lot of Memes: The Top 5 Viral

Cimorelli, and A Whole Lot of Memes: The Top 5 Viral

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  • From Rihanna to video game theme songs, our viral video rundown this week shows the power of music for racking up views...and quieting babies.

  • - Improv Everywherre made a big, blue spectacle when they descended on this Best Buy en masse.

  • - This baby might be young, but she pure O.G. and there is only one song that will stop her crying.
  • - The web has certainly fallen in love with the six smiling Cimorelli sisters
  • - A lot of people own Photoshop, but this is a video by someone who pwns Photoshop. Think your Good at Photoshop
  • - This amazing song is packed with over 40 memes, that's more that one every 10 seconds.

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