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Ocean Marketing: A Real-Time Customer Relations Nightmare

Ocean Marketing: A Real-Time Customer Relations Nightmare

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  • When it comes to the social web, impeccable customer relations for brands is paramount. It only takes one negative comment, and the next thing you know a company can be the most hated enterprise in the history of the Internet. Case in point: Ocean Marketing. Paul Christoforo, a public relations representative with the marketing firm, is taking quite the real-time cyber beating for speaking rudely and unprofessionally to a customer who inquired about the N-Control Avenger controllers he ordered for Christmas.

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  • "I want my two n-controllers. I 1) PAID FOR THEM 2) WAITED 3) DEALT WITH YOUR UNHELPFUL ASS," Dave said. "You show a surprising lack of business polish for someone who's quite established, AND an lack of awareness of your customer base: Hardcore gamers. We're a demanding, vocal customer but the flip side is we're loyal and eager to spend. It's lucky for you that I really want this product because it seems really deliver on making the gaming experience more effective and enjoyable." He signed his e-mail, "DAVE with a V," and included "p.p.s. Welcome to the internet, b-tch."

    Here is some of Christoforo's response. (Pardon, the grammatical and spelling errors.)
    "Son Im 38 I wwebsite as on the internet when you were a sperm in your daddys b-lls and before it was the internet, thanks for the welcome to message wurd up," Christoforo said. "Grow up you look like a complete child bro. I Don't have my controller so im gonna cry to the world ... Really ?? Hey take that free time and do something more productive. All you had to do was check the like everyone else , people have inquired but you're the douchiest of them all J."

    An entire transcript of the e-mail conversation can be viewed on Penny Arcade. Ultimately, the PAX East game festival gets brought into the picture, which is getting uglier as I blog.

    Since the incident occurred, Ocean Marketing has changed its twitter account handle from @OceanMarketting to @OceanStratagy.

  • Online commentary about the customer relations blunder is rampant.

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