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Tiger Woods' Ex-Mistress Reveals Pregnancy On Twitter

Tiger Woods' Ex-Mistress Reveals Pregnancy On Twitter

  • Tiger woods ex mistress reveals pregnancy twitter


  • Rachel Uchitel, also known as the first ex-mistress of Tiger Woods, is steaming up Google searches today. The woman responsible for opening the floodgates to Woods' countless indiscretions announced that she's pregnant via Twitter. She posted a picture of her growing baby bump and her new husband Matt Hahn on the social network on Wednesday, tweeting “expecting big things for 2012… Five down, Four months to go.”

  • According to the Daily Mail, the former "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew" cast member is asking her friends to purchase a $1029 stroller and $300 nipple pumps, both items listed on her baby gift registry. She and Hahn are expecting their new addition on May 12, 2012.

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