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5 Geeky Valentine's Day Gifts

5 Geeky Valentine's Day Gifts

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  • For the geeky and in love, we've assembled 5 valentine's day gifts for your special someone:

    1. InstaSong

    InstaSong will create a customized song for your loved one, complete with personalized name and other tidbits. The cost is $5 for 1 song, which your lucky partner can find online (other price tiers are available, as well):

  • 2. I Love You in Binary Code (Etsy)


    3. Dine With Light Saber Candlesticks (ThinkGeek)


    4. An Animal Screen Wipe (with lemon zest sent!)


    5. Pizza Hut Marriage Proposal
    For just $10,010, you can tie the knot with a special package from Pizza Hut, which includes a ruby ring, limo service, a photographer, fireworks show, and, of course, delicious greasy pizza and breadsticks. On second thought...

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