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Snooki is Preggers!

Snooki is Preggers!

  • Well, the internet has come to a screeching halt today with the news that our beloved Snooki is allegedly pregnant. The (once again, alleged) father is her TV boyfriend of 18 months, Jionni LaValle. She has constantly denied the pregnancy rumors, even as recently as a few weeks back when she made an appearance on "Good Morning America." But now, both TMZ and E! is reporting the news as "confirmed."

  • While this is a joyous occasion for the soon-to-be new momma and papa, MTV is (one more time, allegedly) in full on-panic. They've been planning a spin-off show of Jersey Shore staring her and JWoww, where the ladies would have surely engaged in more than a few alcoholic libations and general debauchery. Now, with (okay, one last time, allegedly) today's news, that spin-off is in doubt and the network has gone onto "crisis mode." Check out our interview with Snooki from this year's CES:

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