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Halo 4 Gameplay Teaser Released

Halo 4 Gameplay Teaser Released

  • Fans of the Xbox’s signature game “Halo” received quite the treat on Monday as gaming channel G4 released a gameplay trailer of the fourth installment in the incredibly popular “Halo” franchise.

    Titled “The Gamplay of Halo 4 (Work in Progress)”, the trailer opens with a disclaimer: “This video contains assets and information that are currently work-in-progress and are subject to change.” Featuring the game’s protagonist, Master Chief, the trailer shows a selection of scenes from the upcoming game, and ends with a release date of Holiday 2012.

    The trailer shows just enough to get hardcore fans of the game (and judging by the Twitter response, there’s a TON of them) stoked for the released. The topic “Halo 4” quickly rose to a worldwide trend on Twitter on Monday.

  • Check out the trailer. Are you excited?

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