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iPad 3: What You Need To Know

iPad 3: What You Need To Know

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  • We're on the eve of Apple's much anticipated press conference, where (allegedly) the next iPad will be announced. Here is a roundup of the top tweets and rumors from the web:

    --Reports that the iPad 3 will actually be the iPad HD, to emphasize an upgraded retinal display (read: much clearer picture at high resolution).

    --The next iPad will be a bit fatter. Information from China suggests that the iPad is already being shipped out, and could be available quite soon.

    --iPad could possibly get a LTE 4G upgrade, making downloading and surfing the internet much faster (upwards of 10x faster). The rumor mill was set abuzz by Verizon teasing "something is coming."  But, with battery life, new hardware, and different service providers, its really unclear if and how 4G would matter to the consumer.

    --iPad mini, with a 7.85 inch screen, may be in the works, giving some of the smaller Android tablets some extra competition.

    Here's a roundup of the top Tweets (the winner went to Funny or Die, according to Twitter search "top" results).



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