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The Documentary $ellebrity Proves Celebrity is Nothing New

The Documentary $ellebrity Proves Celebrity is Nothing New

  • On our final day at SXSW, Shira sat down with the director and producers of $ellebrity to talk about the culture of celebrity, why the paparazzi is not a new creation, and Jennifer Ainston's private life.

    The film begins with the history of paparazzi and talks about how Charlie Chaplin had to deal with this too. It goes through present day as the film makers speak to stars like Salma Hyek, Jennifer Ainston, and Sheryl Crow about their experiences.

    "We knew a lot of people who had to deal with paparazzi all the time, so we wanted to get their story, we wanted to put a human face to what those people go through when those paparazzi pictures are taken.

    They premiered this film at SXSW because it was "the perfect demographic for the audience we want to reach. Stars, music, and technology"

    Follow the film on Twitter @sellebritymovie and learn more

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