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White House and Republicans Battle For a Budget Online

White House and Republicans Battle For a Budget Online

  • President Obama and House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan have released competing budgets (shocker), and are taking to the web with infographics and videos to win over the American people.

    Paul Ryan has hit Youtube so hard he even released a trailer to the actual budget-information video (complete with the West Wing-style walk-along):

  • Here's the longer version:

  • And, here's a graph-happy verision that was put out last May:

  • The President, for his part, has put out an infographic arguing why we should raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans, with a simple barchart that shows how much can be given to a poorer individual with the 150K raised from a millionaire (click here for enlarged image)

  • Republican budget 2013 large e1332446098711
  • Do you think this visual style enhances the conversation. Do you feel better informed? Or, is it overly simplistic?

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