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Whitney Houston Death Report Released

Whitney Houston Death Report Released

  • Whitney Houston died from an accidental drowning, with cocaine and a heart condition as a contributing factor, according to a report just released by the Los Angeles Coroners Office. The pop icon, 48-years-old at the time of her death, was "found submerged" in a bathtub. "No trauma or foul play is suspected," reads the report, according to CNN. Cocaine appeared to have been used just prior to her collapsing in the Beverly Hilton Hotel bathtub.

    Damage to her arteries "suggest a cardiac event complicated by the cocaine use," which contributed to Houston slipping underwater. Toxicology also found other drugs in her system, including Xanax, a muscle relaxant, Flexeril, and Marijuana.

    Are you suprised by the report? Did you suspect a different cause?

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