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Mad Men Frenzy: Previews, Tweets, and Games

Mad Men Frenzy: Previews, Tweets, and Games

  • The Mad Men season 5 premier tonight has caused a frenzy online. We've collected the best Twitter accounts, previews, and everything else you could want to satiate your 1960s-advertising-era fever (the 8-bit Youtube game at the bottom of this post is probably the best).

    For those of you non-cord-cutters who can watch the premier tonight on AMC, here is a great season 4 recap by Rolling Stone. The trailer online of lead character Don Draper already has +300K views:

  • And, for more previews, check out the cast commentary on the upcoming season:

  • The Twitter elite, too, have caught the fever. Check out some of the top tweets below:

  • — Xeni Jardin (@xeni) March 25, 2012     Mad Men was one of the first shows to get Twitter parody accounts. And, they're in full swing tonight. Check out some of the best parody accounts below:
  • — Betty Draper Francis (@bettydraper) March 20, 2012


    And, the best-of-the-best is probably this choose your own adventure 8-bit video game. Enjoy

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