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Ochocinco Got Robbed! Luckily, Twitter Came to the Rescue!

Ochocinco Got Robbed! Luckily, Twitter Came to the Rescue!

  • Yesterday, Chad Ochocinco had his wallet and iPod stolen from his vehicle! Devastated, the New England Patriots wide receiver took to Twitter to voice his frustration with this injustice, even going as far as shooting a two-minute video rant:
  • Only a few hours after posting this, Ochocinco received a message from one of his followers who had found the wallet in a nearby dumpster. Hooray!

    The only thing missing? His prized Starbucks gold card! Boo! But, as this social media success story continues - Starbucks stepped in, to right this wrong, by supplying a replacement gold card!

    And, just like that, everything went back to normal - and the world spun on!

    The end.

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