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No Doubt announces new album title, first single

No Doubt announces new album title, first single

  • No Doubt was all set to release their first album since 2001’s Rock Steady , and the only thing missing was an album title. That all ended on Tuesday, when the band announced the name of the album would be Push and Shove via their website. The albums is slated for release on September 25.

  • The first single for the album will be “Settle Down,” and will be released on July 16. According to their announcement, the band will be working on the video for the first single this week, with “longtime friend and collaborator” Sophie Muller. The video is also scheduled for release sometime during the first week of July.

  • Muller has directed several No Doubt videos, several of them one of No Doubts biggest hits, including, “Underneath it All,” Sunday Morning,” “Simple Kind of Life,” and the monster hit, “Don’t Speak”.

    For further updates, you can follow No Doubt on Twitter, @nodoubt, as well as band members @gwenstefani,@AdrianYoungND, @TomDumontND and @tonykanal.

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