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Roger Clemens trial verdict dominates Twitter

Roger Clemens trial verdict dominates Twitter

  • Legendary pitcher Roger Clemens was found not guilty on six counts of lying to Congress about using performance enhancing drugs on Monday.

    Clemens was being charged with six counts of perjury, which alleged that the former Yankee lied to Congress when he testified in 2008. The 49-year-old ex-pitcher won 355 games and seven Cy Young awards during his storied career, which would have been left tarnished if he'd been found guilty: He was facing 15 to 21 months of prison time if found guilty.

    Twitter exploded with the news, as "Roger Clemens" became a trending topic some 15 minutes before the verdict was announced. calculated that by 5 p.m. EST, there had been more than 8,000 mentions of "Clemens" within the hour.

    The most re-tweeted Clemens-related tweet, according to Twitter


    Here's a collection of some of the top tweets, both from news sources and fans, many of whom seemed elated with the final verdict.

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