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PSU Football Players Tweet Solidarity In Wake of NCAA Sanctions

PSU Football Players Tweet Solidarity In Wake of NCAA Sanctions

  • This morning, NCAA president Mark Emmert, and executive committee chairman, Ed Ray spoke at a news conference to announce the penalizations for Penn State University in light of Jerry Sandusky's 45 counts of child sexual abuse charges.

    The penalties include: fine of $60 million; vacation of wins from 1998-2011 (Paterno goes from 409 wins to 298, moving from first to 12th NCAA football coach with most wins); four-year postseason ban; reduce scholarships for four years at maximum 15 scholarships per year; total of 65 scholarships in program; five-year probation for athletic department.

    The Big Ten also crippled PSU's athletic standings, instating the school's censure from the league and four-year ineligibility for the championship, including a ban from sharing in the conference bowl's game revenue ($13 million).

    Although the NCAA allowed for PSU athletes to transfer and play immediately at other schools, many Penn State football players of past and present have taken to Twitter to express their solidarity and determination to support the school.




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