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Watch the Olympics From Underwater and Above the Hoop Via Twitter

Watch the Olympics From Underwater and Above the Hoop Via Twitter

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  • London is pulling all the stops to bring the "Digital Games" to the world, offering fans a customizable and in-depth social experience.

    While @London2012 is present on Twitter to promote the oft-seen #London2012 hashtag, the Games also come with some incredibly unique Twitter handles, giving any curious viewer access to a range of vantage points.

    For instance, @L2012BballCam tweets from the POV directly above the basketball hoop; @L2012PoolCam comes from underwater in the aquatics center; and @L2012StadiumCam is perched on the Olympic Stadium roof, looking down onto the track.


    The London2012 website also comes complete with a Social Media Dashboard for fans to gain complete access to relevant Facebook pages, mobile apps, YouTube videos, Twitter hashtags, and foursquare check-ins. This includes a #supportyourteam page -- where you can "Tweet your team to Olympic glory" throughout the globe -- and an interactive Olympic Pulse section, which tracks the stats of tweets and hashtags coming from various Olympics venues.

    London has set the bar high for the next home of the Olympics, rising to the occasion of the digital age and proving that being a "host" country no longer simply requires offering access to the physical grounds, but also beaming out an open invitation to virtually-connected spectators to form an international web of content and communication.

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