Lady Leshurr’s “Queen’s Speech Ep 4” Goes Viral, Promotes Dental Hygiene

Lady Leshurr's "Queen's Speech Ep 4" Goes Viral, Promotes Dental Hygiene

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    British grime rapper Lady Leshurr’s “Queen’s Speech Ep. 4” music video has crossed the pond in a big way this week, drawing more than 18 million views on Facebook in the last three days.


    The song makes reference to Rachel Dolezal and Caitlyn Jenner (misnamed as Bruce Jenner, tsk tsk) and has a catchy hook about brushing your teeth. There’s also a line about “hold[ing] it down like a Snapchat,” but that’s out of date because you don’t have to hold a Snapchat down to watch it anymore.


    Lady Leshurr has been compared to Nicki Minaj a lot, but she stands out from the crowd of Minaj lookalikes with her own unique style and sound. She has an upcoming EP called “Queen of the Scene,” though it’s unclear if this track or the previous three “episodes” will be on it.

    Check out the full music video:

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