Nick Cannon: Ambassador of CES

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    Nick Cannon and his sexy sunglasses* sat down with Shira Lazar, Elliott Morgan, and Andre Meadows to chat about being the Entertainment Matters Ambassador of CES 2015 from the Samsung Smart Lounge.

    He weighed in on all things entertainment…including celebrity nudes!

    On The Interview:

    “I loved watching the process. The way [Sony] rolled it out. Certain times it was scary. Certain things I definitely disagreed with. I felt the studio should have stood by the movie so much more in certain areas, but in other areas they did some new creative things to put it out there, and it was the talk of the world for weeks.”

    On celebrity and privacy:

    Stop taking naked pictures. (laughter) I mean, I’ll definitely give you my monthly occasional Twitter rant. I’ll definitely post a picture that I’m probably not supposed to post. But that’s life. That’s what we do. We’re people. We’re allowed to express our emotions, sometimes we’re spot on, sometimes we’re off, but I love it because it shows that we’re human. And if someone took a naked picture and sent it to someone they like, hey, you know what the risk is.

    He’s also made his directorial debut with School Dance, available on Google Play, iTunes, on your phone, and basically any other screen you own.

    “I believe that is the future of how all movies will be released,” Cannon said, referring to films being distributed in theaters and on demand all at once.

    Be sure to check out the full interview with Nick Cannon on our channel. (Begins at 1:59:15)

    *Note: What’s Trending is not an official judge of the sexyness of sunglasses.

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