Michelle Obama's Top Five Talk Show Appearances

From Kimmel to Fallon, the FLOTUS has built up an impressive group of appearances, which was finally wrapped up on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

  • Michelle Obama capped off her string of appearances on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon with a touching farewell.

    I don't think it's too controversial to tout the Obamas as unbelievably charming, and Michelle Obama that times five. They will be sorely missed as POTUS and FLOTUS, and their openness with the American people was communicated through many aspects — and for Michelle Obama, that openness was best remembered with her appearance on talk shows, with yesterday being her last on The Tonight Show as First Lady.

    We can never fully appreciate the amazing eight years the Obamas have provided for us, but their public presence was so comforting, we can celebrate Michelle Obama's more memorable appearance on talk shows. Here are Michelle Obama's five greatest late night appearances.

  • Sitting with twenty five million views, this is one of Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon's most famous segments. In a parody of one of the first viral YouTube videos, Fallon and Michelle Obama do a variety of mom dances. The segment was so popular, when she came back on the show, she did a sequel.

  • When Michelle Obama went on Funny or Die to do a segment of Billy Eichner's bizarre ambush comedy show Billy on the Street, she was joined by no less than Big Bird and had to identify whether or not Martin Short was better than a frozen bag of corn — he was!

  • This is a fun sketch that, weirdly enough, shows Michelle Obama's strangely impressive performance chops, as she plays a little kid who dreams of who she wants to be like when she grows up — Beyonce!

  • First Lady Michelle Obama teaches Sara and Stacy that being active and eating right isn't so "ew!"

  • Or sometimes, maybe you just want to hang out with Ellen DeGeneres as she talks to babies through a megaphone! You do you, FLOTUS.

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