Samantha Bee Puts Paul Ryan Under The Microscope

Another brilliant segment from the reliable late night legend.

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  • Samantha Bee is never one to shy away from a sweet telling it like it is, and bringing the powerful down a big old notch, and she did not shy away when the time came to do so with Paul Ryan. She brings up Pau Ryan's weird wishy washiness during the Trump campaign— discussing how weird it is that he endorsed him in a way that he purposefully buried, how in high school he was named "Biggest Brown Noser", something that he more than earned today, and how, somehow, he's the only thing that standing between the currently scandal embroiled president and impeachment.

    While many are rightfully focused on the horror, leave it to Sam Bee to go deeper and be horrified at the subtler aspects of it all. Much to be horrified at, on so many levels.

    What do you think of the segment? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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