VIDEO: Thomas Markle Gives Another Gross Interview To The Press

The best way for a father to talk to his celebrity daughter: through bad gossipy media.

Thomas Markle, the media hungry estranged father of the new Duchess of Wales, says he’s been “ghosted” by his daughter Meghan.

Gee. I wonder why.

Meghan Markle is the newest addition to the British Royal Family. She married Prince Harry in May 2018, and her father says she has cut all contact during an interview on Good Morning Brain, adding: “There has to be a place for me, I’m her father – and I will be a grandfather to her children.”

Okay, creepy. You’re going to the media to demand being involved while absolutely destroying the privacy of these people? Why would they want him in their family? I barely want him on my TV screen.

By I digress.

While he denied rumors that Meghan is rude, he said that she was “controlling.” Again, this is a father talking about his daughter on national TV. Some (nosy) people have reacted sympathetically to this interview urging Meghan to reach out.

Yet many more have derided Thomas for the interview. Thomas has broken Meghan’s trust before. Before the royal wedding, he staged paparazzi photos for money. He called the royal family a cult, and said the late Princess Diana would be disappointed in the family’s treatment of him.

This wasn’t the only recent instance of men publicly begging for a woman to take him back. Offset interrupted Cardi B’s headlining set at Rolling Loud festival in Los Angeles, with a sign reading “TAKE ME BACK CARDI.”

The couple split last month following cheating allegations against Offset. Cardi’s response was inaudible but left Offset walking off the stage alone.

Both situations saw men throwing an uneasy relationship into the public spotlight, which many have cited as emotionally abusive and narcissistic attention grabs. You know, because it is.

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