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Pregnant Woman in Giraffe Mask Dances on Facebook Live

She is now in competition with the pregnant giraffe. This is all the internet was, is, and should be.

  • Being pregnant on Facebook Live and having a giraffe's head — it's not just for actual giraffes anymore. Inspired by the pregnant giraffe banned for being too naked on Facebook's live feed of a zoo, photographer Erin Dietrich, after hours and hours of consuming footage of the infamous, too hot for YouTube, pregnant giraffe, had a fantastic idea. She donned a giraffe mask and — her pregnancy in clear sight — danced around on a Facebook Live feed.

    The feed has taken off and proven to be ridiculously popular, and now it's a race to see who will give birth first — human or giraffe!? And, who's baby will be cuter, human or giraffe?! It all depends, I guess, on just how cute that little giraffe plans to be. Is this one of those Disney giraffes?? Then we're all doomed.

    What do you think of this adorable little creature? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending

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