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Leopard Fights Snake Over Cub in Brutal Video

Nature can be unforgiving.

  • Animal fights. Our natural world at its most savage. The cruelty of the species spread thin amongst the toast of humanity. There are not mere pets— these are savage jungle beings who are here to devour you all and pick you from the teeth. They love and defend with a ferocity none have seen before. You remember the penguins fighting? Well, look upon the following — a leopard mother protecting her cub from the African rock python.

    It's beautiful, to see the perfectly mechanical forces of nature attack one another — one trying to find food, and one defending her cub. In the end, the leopard kills the snake and feeds on its entrails, as is its right as the victor. The cub will be kept safe, and the leopard will return home, ready to fight another day. Brilliant, cruel and hypnotic.


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