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Trump Sues Teenager Over Kitty Flash Game

Very normal president. Very normal thing to do. Good job, everyone.

  • The president is known for his childish temper and lawsuit friendly hands (small that they be— look, I know these references are whatever, but they make him mad so—), but what kind of weirdo would sue a child over a flash game?

    This weirdo would, that's who! Ever since Trump landed in office, he's been waging a war with media — outlets such as SNL, CNN, and now— TrumpScratch, a local teenager's web game wherein you play a cat's little tiny paws, and scratch up Trump's dumb old face. A good time right!? Not for our goon in chief, who gave the game a take down notice.

    Yeah, that's right! As the guy is getting investigated by the FBI, he brings one of these terrible things to someone who must feel like that's the last thing they need. Boy oh boy.

    The teen, who, at a mere 17, is one of Trump's youngest lawsuit targets, changed the game's name to KittenFeed.com — and you can play the game by clicking on the link. Lucy said to Observer — "It’s so sad that his administration is focused more on being liked, burying real news and taking down sites like mine as they supposedly make him look bad."

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