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Turtle Runs Around Like A Dog

Go, little guy, go!

  • In the great annals of turtledom there have been some heroes, and some villains. Yertle the Turtle was a villain. Blastoise the Poke'mon, we're going to say hero. But few turtles have shown such spunk, such dignity, as such glory as our personal hero — Turtle Who Thinks He's A Dog.

  • My friends — so many turtles think they're turtles. Slow moving goons who age forever and are usually sluggish. Not this little frisky fella! This good hearted soul thinks he's a dog! Watch him! Gazer upon as him as he chases the big ball and flops his flippers with a glory that few witness or would dare to even touch with their eyes! Can this turtle also dig a hole? Must I walk him to a tree so he can make a tiny turtle poop? All big questions — all hopefully which have big answers.

    Answers we will discover — someday!

    What do you think of the tiny turtle? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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