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Check Out Our Glitterbomb Compilation


  • We here at What's Trending Headquarters are big fans of Glitterbombs and other various glitter based pranks. Outside of just the joy of sparkles and brightness, the glory of a prank, and just the joy of watching people's reactions to seeing their worlds upended with but a bit of sparkle. We've compiled some of our favorite glitterbomb reactions and glitterbombings right here in the video above.

    Glitterbombing effect us all, wether you're a normal shining celebrity, a parent not yet covered in glitter, but soon to be covered in glitter, or a celebrity soon to be pranked with unholy amounts of shining glitter — glitterbombs are the ultimate uniters. Do you have a favorite memory glitterbombing your friends, loved ones, pets, and others? Let us know. We'll go back. Maybe someday we'll say "this glitterbombing-- it was very good too".

    What do you think of this glitter majesty though? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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