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Man Turns Self into Elf for $32,000

Elfie selfie!?

  • How much does it cost to turn a man into an elf? Well for twenty five year old fantasy fan, Luis Padron, it cost twenty five thousand pounds (approximately $32,302.50 in American currency). Luis, an Argentinian, escaped into fantasy early in life as a response to his bullying, and has taken his passion to the final level as he transformed his face to be completely like that of an elf.

    The undertaking is not cheap. Around $5,000 a mont is used by Luis on specialty dyes, creams and sunscreen to keep his skin extra elfish white, and he had plastic surgery to get liposuction on his jaw for that fine elfin chin, a removal of all of his body hair. There's even more to come! Pointed elf ears are on the way, as is a heart shaped hairline! It's a lot of impressive work, and impressively enough, Luis doesn't care what you think, saying —

    I have my own beauty ideal and want to achieve that no matter what. -Luis Padron

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