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Hero Dog Bites UnHero Mugger

Bark bark! Here comes a hero!

  • Bark bark, my friends! Yeah, that's right! I'm talking like a dog today, because we are here to celebrate the heroes of this world — a lot of whom are dogs! Such as this guy! Are you watching this video? This gentleman in Rio, Brazil was running down the street, fleeing from the cops, when this dog leapt out at his leg, tripping him, letting the police apprehend him. The hero here— was it the cops? No sir. Was it the human who owns the dog? No sir. We're going to give you one more guess who it was.

    No. No. No— wait! Did someone say the dog!? That's right! It was the dog! And now that he's got a taste for biting crime, can— fighting crime be behind!? In this professional writer's opinion — absolutely. Will more heroic animals follow suit? A parakeet who eats kidnappers? A cat who only scratches people who commit tax evasion? A turtle who hides from knives? You know what. Yeah, sure.

    What do you think of this doggone leg biting? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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