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Will Ferrell's Commencement Speech at USC Will Delight

Want to come hear Will Ferrell's super inspiring journey?

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  • Ah, May is upon us which means it's one season that stands truly above all — celebrities giving commencement speech season, my friends! Yes — and we are lucky to get a particularly great one this time around — Will Ferrell giving a speech to USC!

    The speech starts out with Will Ferrell's classic self depreciating, goofy energy — he makes fun of the fact that parents have to watch him give their kids' commencements speech — and asking the kids who don't deserve to graduate because they're just too much of a bunch of troublemakers! — to stand up. Then Will Ferrell gets serious — specifically about the long road that he took from college to becoming a comedy legend.

    He discusses a professor who inspired him by encouraging him to continue to do a bit where he walked into a classroom pretended to scrub up vomit. Then he discussed leaving home, living with his parents, doing The Groundlings, and living with the stress of doing a comedy career on the bring of poverty, getting on SNL, and so much more — including how his true success is his family.

    What do you think of the speech? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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