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Why Are We So OBSESSED With Fidget Spinners?

Why are we seeing these spinning little toys everywhere nowadays?

  • Fidget Spinners are an oddity. Unlike so many of the kids toy crazes of the past few years, it doesn't come out of any hard marketing push, it doesn't have a cute big eyed creature representing it, and it originally wasn't even meant to be a toy. The fidget spinner — the bane of so many teachers' existences — started out originally as a tool used to help children with autism, anxiety and ADHD focus. The small spinning object was then suddenly blowing up in every grade school classroom as every student brought theirs to school.

    Heck, people are even using them on YouTube to do tricks! Check it out!

  • In 2016, Forbes called fidget spinners the office toy of 2016 (move aside, tiny stress squeezie guy), showing that parents not only buy them for their kids but for themselves. Heck, at one point 49 of the top 50 toys on Amazon were different kinds of these kinds of things! Now, they are the annoyance of every teacher as they get banned quickly for being the annoying goofy things they are! Which, I'm sure, makes kids love them even more.

    Ah, in my day we had Poke'mon cards and yo-yo's. All of them, glorious time wasters to bond over.

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