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FIGHT Breaks Out-- At Graduation!?

Life is just one long fight scene, folks, just one long fight scene.

  • Folks, if the internet is to be believed, life is just one big fight scene. We've seen airport fights, we've seen Denny's fights, now we can see us a little bit of uh— you know. Graduation fights. Ah, the halls of academia are not safe from the fact that we're all out of bubble gum, but not all out of fists! Sadly, we are never not all out of fists. But what was the fight over?

    Well folks, it seems to be over saved seats. Parents, your kids are graduating into adults. Who cares about saved seats. Them punches won't solve anything! I know it'll feel like it, but please— the eyes of your community, Arlington High in Memphis Tennessee, and all of YouTube are upon you! Some semblance of sanity, please!

    What do you think of the video? Or fighting? Or life? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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