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Danielle Bregoli GOES ON TOUR

Cash her all over North America

  • Boy, when teen sensation and meme friendly meme lady Danielle Bregoli, known to the English speaking world as the Cash Me Outside Girl, first uttered her legendary catchphrase — a fervent and fleeting "Cash Me Ousside, How About Dah", the world took notice. They demanded more and more of this child and her fervent catch phrasing. More, they proclaimed, more! And more they got! They got fights, returns to Dr. Phil, and now they have the inevitable explosion of a meme blowing up into near rock star territory — Danielle Bregoli is going on tour!

    What's the show? Does she just say "Cash Me Ousside" a bunch of times? — Anyway! It should be a bold new turn for the young star. Apparently the show will feature variety show style sketches, Danielle Bregoli lip synching, and a Q+A where I will make sure to ask the star what it felt like to say "Cash Me Ousside, How About Dah" and she will answer "Cash me ousside, how about dah" and I will be absolutely thrilled.

    Bregoli is set to make 50,000 dollars a show, which is an insane amount of money, and we wonder — is there a market to watch an internet meme famous only for being obnoxious in a live venue? Maybe. Maybe there's a market for performances like this—

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