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  • Imagining all the weird and bad things that could befall a human being at a given time, being stuck in an ATM feels like it would be low on our list of worries, but get ready to pencil in, as reportedly a contracted was stuck inside the antechamber room in the ATM this Wednesday around 2:00 PM in a Bank of America in Corpus Christie, Texas during the bank's working hours. He screamed for help, but the ATM was sound proof — which is already terrifying — and he sent notes to customers through the ATM with little notes asking for help — which is very much insane!

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    Source: s.yimg.com / Via: au.news.yahoo.com

  • Many customers dismissed the note as a joke, but thankfully one didn't (phew!) and ended up rescuing the guy by calling his boss! Woof! Could have went a lot worse folks, could have went a lot worse. The money could have adopted him and raised him to be a huge sell-out, folks, a huge sell out!

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