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Usher Settles Herpes Lawsuit at 1.1 Million

This was for failing to disclose his status and infecting the person who sued him.

  • STD's such as herpes are a tricky affair — there's a stigma surrounding it that can at times be disproportionate to the effects of the disease — while at the same time the disease's lack of cure can be very serious. There's only one rule — you have to disclose your status to your partners before you engage. This is something Usher has failed to do, and after infecting a partner, has been successfully sued by her for the amount of 1.1 million dollars.

    Usher was first diagnosed with herpes back in 2009 or 2010 — and the lawsuit happened in 2012, although Radar only very recently obtained the documents regarding the lawsuit. In California, where Usher hails from — it is illegal to knowingly not disclose your status. Usher has paid up 1.1 million and has since apologized to the woman.

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