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John Cena Moved to Tears By a Surprise Meeting with Fans

Awww! Cena!

  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • WWE Superstar John Cena was surprised by a group of fans and was moved to tears by their heartfelt fan letters. This hidden camera video begins with John Cena reading a big stack of fan letters He also watched one video message from a young fan. Little did Cena know, the fans were all in the next room, waiting to surprise him.

    The wrestlers are role models, and they may touch the hearts of the fans, but what a beautiful sight it is when the fans touch their hearts back.

    One by one, the fans greeted their hero, who was moved to tears by their stories. Man, it's hard to watch this love fest and not just cry your eyes out. Have you seen this full video? What sorta feels does it give you?

    This hidden camera video is a follow-up to a John Cena prank video from last month.  Fans were asked to come in for a fake commercial audition, only to by surprised by an Unexpected Cena in real life! And now the tables have turned! The roles have been reversed!

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