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He's even become a model!

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  • Step aside, Jeremy Meeks, there's a new Prison Bae on the scene, and his name is Mr. Lucky.

    It seems absolutely crazy, but another model has been discovered thanks to his mugshot  Mekhi Alante Lucky, also known as "Prison Bae," has just been signed to a modeling contract. Lucky also has a condition called heterochromia, which gives him two differently colored eyes.

    Mr. Lucky first came to the internet's attention when his mugshots were released online. Lucky was arrested last year for stealing a car in Wake County, North Carolina. According to BuzzFeed, he currently has two misdemeanors on his record. One for fleeing arrest and another interrupting a 9-1-1 call.

    You have to be criminally hot to look that good in a mugshot. It's like looking hot in a driver's license photo!

    When Lucky's mugshot hit Instagram, it caught the attention of Damiani O'Bryant, agent at the St. Clair modeling agency in Atlanta, Georgia. "Last year, I began seeing Mekhi's mugshot on Instagram. I instantly knew that he was perfect for St. Clair Modeling," O'Bryant told BuzzFeed.

    Now, Lucky is preparing to go to New York Fashion Week.

    Does Mr. Lucky have a perfect nickname or what? What do you think of his beautiful eyes? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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