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JAMES FRANCO and TOMMY WISEAU ARE AMAZING at "The Disaster Artist" Premiere

Are you excited for this movie?

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  • Audiences at the premiere of "The Disaster Artist" at the Toronto International Film Festival were treated to an appearance by the director of "The Room”, Tommy Wiseau.

    As you may know, "The Disaster Artist" is a fictional, behind-the-scenes look at the cult classic movie "The Room." The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, and the one and only Tommy Wiseau was there. So what did Tommy think of The Disaster Artist? He said he “99% approves” of it, with that 1% being taken away because he did not like the way James Franco threw the football.

    I mean, nobody throws a football better than Tommy. Even with it's flawed football throwing, The Disaster Artist has got people talking.

    The film premiered at the world famous Toronto International Film festival to a packed house.

    Believe it! The hype is real.

    But The Disaster Artist isn't just a story about Tommy... The Disaster Artist is based on the book by Tommy's co-star and friend Greg Sestero. Dave Franco, who plays Greg in the movie, talks about trying to understand what made Greg stick it out to make "The Room" with Tommy. Are you excited to see the Disaster Artist or would you rather just re-watch The Room? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.


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