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New Star Wars VIII Trailer Gives Goosebumps, Shows Off Porgs

Kylo Ren and also Porgs are here

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  • The new trailer for Star Wars Episode VIII was released yesterday, and folks, it was insane. Goosebumps went left and right as hints were dropped at the nature of this new episode in one of our time’s mightiest franchises. We have Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren considering his place in the universe, we have Rey scaring a fretful Luke Skywalker with her untapped power, but most importantly — we saw Chewbacca’s new best friends the Porgs. Yes, folks, the Porgs, those deathless cute little penguin creatures that we saw in the last “Last Jedi” trailer.

    Sure, we’re excited for the new Star Wars STORYWISE, but I wanna know what those gosh darn porgs are up to. Are they best friends with Chewbacca for realsies? Are those mouths or a beak? Do they have powers or are they just the most lovable gosh darn things on the planet and I want to hug them until they burst into jelly. Oh man. Sorry Kylo Ren, I’m all about the porgs now!

    What do you think of the Porgs? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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