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These Are Our Top Digital Stars of 2017

The best of the best, the most influential of the influentials!

  • Well, 2017 is almost done which means it’s time for some fantastic "best of" lists — and we here at What’s Trending are no different. You know why? Because we have a little "best of" list of our own — here are the top digital stars of 2017. Oh my gosh! Who made the list! Did you make the list? If you are Liza Koshy, yeah, you made the list. But that’s the only name we’re going to give away! You think we just give that stuff up willy-nilly? Forget it! You’ve got to watch the video to figure out who was who in the good year 2017, friend!

    But what do you think of our list? How many did we miss? I'm sure it is a lot. How many did we get right? I have a feeling... it was all of them. And what do you think of the whole thing? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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