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Dazed Child Stunned by Wasabi

"Wasabi," cries the child.

  • Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

  • As you get older it becomes harder and harder to find new foods to taste. To — experience! And sure, as a hale and hearty adult, you know the terrors, the horrors, and the warning fables against ingesting the unholy spicy Japanese green root that is wasabi. But a child? To them this is new! Maybe that’s why the video of this child trying Wasabi for the first time has hit such a nerve with people. It is the ever-relatable stinging pain of our fourth favorite Japanese sushi adorning root.

    The mother asks the child: "Do you want wasabi?" and the child sadly answers, “no." Then she is asked again if she wants wasabi, and again the answer is no. But then all of a sudden the baby just quietly yells, “wasabi!" Has she eaten wasabi before this shot? She seems dazed and rightfully a little scared of the wasabi — and when she eats it, she chews it over — there’s a slight pause and then the child quietly whispers: “help."

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