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SXSW: Rooster Teeth's Burnie Burns and Barbara Dunkelman Talk About Their New Horror Movie and the Future of Web Video

And, according to Burnie Burns, the future may be in virtual reality.

  • Rooster Teeth’s history with web video is a long and exciting one — with them being pioneers in the genre of short videos online. We take for granted now that that’s a thing that can be done, but never forget that Rooster Teeth is ahead of the curve, and the company is expanding is oeuvre with its upcoming horror film “Blood Fest." Here to discuss the movie with Shira Lazar are two Rooster Teeth stalwarts — Barbara Dunkelman and Burnie Burns.

    The duo discusses “Blood Fest," a movie about a horror festival that locks its fans inside with… bloody results! As is to be expected from a horror film of course. Barbara Dunkelman is the only Rooster Teeth regular in the film as — she jokes — every horror film’s “got to have a blonde” — but Burnie backs up the choice and says that Barbara is a regular face that Rooster Teeth fans would recognize, and is in a way their leading star.

    The conversation then went towards Rooster Teeth’s beginnings — and where the future of web video lies. Burnie discusses how hard it is to make your voice heard amongst the glut of web video currently available online — and how he tries to encourage and push forward new talents to come out of that noise. Additionally, Burnie discusses how when they began, the world of web video was mostly empty — and modern creators have to look to the next thing — which Bernie thinks may be virtual reality or augmented reality. Much to think about, and more to check out in the video above!

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