Texas Wife Demanded Husband Film Her GIVING BIRTH In The Car!!

This video is insane.

A man filmed his wife giving birth in their car on the way to the hospital. And some people are like…why did he do that?!

Alexis Swinney went to see her midwife over a week before her baby’s due date. But when she was already 7 centimeters dilated, Alexis, her husband Dominque, and their four kids hopped in the car to rush to the hospital.

That’s when her water broke.

The video shows Alexis turned around in the front seat while Dominique films and drives. Eventually, the baby can’t wait any more.

They just delivered a baby in the car?

The birth was successful, the baby is healthy, and the kids in the backseat seem…mildly disturbed. Dominique and Alexis posted the video to Twitter and Instagram where it’s been viewed over 7 million times. And the moment is truly an amazing miracle to witness. But, something about it just didn’t sit right with some people.

Jezebel covered the video with the headline: “Why Didn’t This Woman’s Husband Help Her When She Gave Birth in the Front Seat of their Freaking Car?” And @cuddycudmore replied to Dominique: “I’m sorry but I’m more horrified that you filmed it while driving and didn’t pull over. You’re lucky your wife and newborn didn’t end up through the windscreen. Congratulations btw.”

But Alexis isn’t upset at Dominique for filming. In fact, she told Jimmy Kimmel it was her idea, and on Instagram, Alexis reaffirmed that decision, writing: “People are shocked and often apologize that I didn’t make it to the hospital. They don’t understand that I just experienced something unrivaled to anything I could have imagined. I witnessed my body take over and a baby be born into my hands. My body is not swollen, and I have no tears. I had my husband and children around me, and for 5 minutes, we embraced everything that happened without any interruption.”

So it doesn’t seem as if the motivation for filming the birth was primarily to go viral. But, that hasn’t stopped Dominique from trying to use the notoriety to their advantage.

e’s encouraged people to follow the family on Instagram and promoted his clothing company Flymouth. But hey, this guy’s got five kids to feed now. You can forgive him trying to cash in while the video is popular!

He also tweeted at Nissan: “I think we need a bigger car.” So far, the car company has not responded. But that’s okay, because Jimmy Kimmel took care of that. He got the family a brand new Chrysler Pacifica, which is a $27,000 minivan. Not bad.

What do you guys think? Would you film your significant other giving birth on the way to the hospital? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.