VIDEO: Shane Dawson’s Next Series To Be About CONSPIRACY THEORIES

Shane Dawson has revealed the subject of his next docuseries and fans are freaking out. Shane will do a deep dive on popular conspiracy theories in a two part documentary.

Shane Dawson has revealed the subject of his next docuseries — conspiracy theories! — and fans are freaking out.

Shane Dawson has championed a new form of YouTube video with his documentary-style investigative series involving various talents in the YouTuber space. These videos have gained millions of views, starting with his Truth About Tanacon doc that earned Shane a Streamy for Creator of the Year.

Shane has also done more groundbreaking series including, “The Secret World of Jeffree Star”, which answered many fans burning questions about how and why Jeffree was so rich, and “The Mind of Jake Paul”, which dove into the lives of controversial YouTubers Jake and Logan Paul.

These series are incredibly successful and fans have been on the edge of their seats waiting for what Shane might do next. There have been several guesses as to what the next deep dive might be about but at long last, it looks like Shane will be investigating his favorite subject: conspiracy theories.

In the video tease, Shane shows images of facial recognition software, fast food, and other snippets of creepy. The series will be in 2 parts debuting on January 30th, and the theme is believed to be “don’t believe everything you see”.

Fans that have been with Shane since the beginning are likely thrilled to see him returning to content that was his bread and butter before the Tanacon docuseries. Shane regularly researched and shared popular conspiracy theories centered around celebrities, aliens, and the government.

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