VIDEO: YouTuber Stabs Tinder Date After Experiencing Delusions and Paranoia

This bodybuilding YouTuber has now died in police custody after stabbing a woman on a Tinder date. Erich Stelzer was a 25 year old body builder who uploaded his workouts to YouTube, and by all intents and purposes looked normal to 24 year old Maegan Tapley, who connected with him on Tinder.

The two ended up at Eric’s home where be began attacking her with a knife to the face. Neighbors called 911 after hearing Megan’s screams as she tried to escape. Police forced entry and found him actively assaulting Megan with weapons, including the knife.

He was claiming he was “God” and she was the “Devil”.

The statement from the police read: “The female victim sustained extensive stabbing and slashing injuries. In an effort to rescue the victim and disarm Stelzer, Cohasset Police Officers used tasers to subdue Stelzer.”

he police used tazers 4 times during transport to a local area hospital, Stelzer became unresponsive and was later pronounced dead. Eric’s family, however, is upset by the unfolding of the events, as they alerted the police days before the attack of Eric’s declining mental health.

Eric was reportedly experiencing delusions, erratic behavior, extreme paranoia and was in mental health treatment for the month leading up to the attack. Eric’s family in fact had arranged for a team to help bring him to a treatment facility, but the attack occurred before they could do so.

Erich’s father Harry told reporters he is consulting with an attorney because he feels the police went too far, saying: “Now aren’t they tough enough to put him in handcuffs? Tase him two times? Put him in a state of mind where he has no control over his bodily functions and then just handcuff him?”

The victim, thankfully, is expected to survive, though she may lose one of her eyes.

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